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Which is better for you? Android or iPhone

android is better or iPhone
android is better or iPhone

Android Vs iPhone

When you buy a new Smartphone. You are usually asked to stay with the old operating system. For example, If it is Android, then it is Android, if it is iPhone, it is another new iPhone.

First of all, the reason for this is that not everything will look new by clicking on the new smartphone. Second, if you buy an app or service, there is no risk of losing it. Again, if all the data is backed up properly on the old Smartphone. All the data is automatically available on the new phone logging in with the same e-mail address on the new phone.

That’s why you just have to breathe from this bank of the river, that’s no the point. If you decide to switch from Android to iPhone (or vice versa), you can see firsthand which operating system has the best benefits, and find out the main difference.

Saying ‘Android vs. iPhone’ is not entirely correct. iPhone is the brand of Smartphone, and Android is the operating system. Again, the operating system of the iPhone is iOS. As such, it is reasonable to say ‘Android vs. iOS’.

why iPhone is the best?

android is better or iPhone

The reason for buying the iPhone is that the iPhone has as much software as its hardware or parts. Because of the improved security, regular software updates are available in iOS.

Regular software updates can be a big reason for choosing an iPhone. You can expect to get iOS updates at least five to six years after the new iPhone or iPad hits the market. At the same time on all iPhones.

For android, you can only get regular updates on Google Pixel and Android One series Smartphones. Even so, owning one still beyond the reach of the average person

Good price Android or iPhone at the time of sale

One of the advantages of getting regular updates on the iPhone is that it stays usable for a long time. In other words, after two years of use, you can donate it to your brother, and you can also sell it to a friend. Older but younger brother will be happy to get such an iPhone, you will also get a higher price from a friend.

Receipt of apps and games is guaranteed

Getting an app on iPhone is a bit easier than on android. Without it, most apps or games are released first for iOS, then for Android. Because, basically, if you create an app for iOS, the manufacturers get relatively more money.

Security on Apple’s platform is not flawless. However, everyone agrees that it is better than Android. You can expect a quick solution to any problem, especially malware attacks. In addition,  apple’s efforts in data security are more than Android. Again Android is open source-code-based software, not iOS.

The exchange of information on  Apple’s iMessage, FaceTime, and iCloud is also relatively secure.

Like Android. Apple also collects information from the user. However. The data collected by Apple does not have the opportunity to specify any user.

Why Android is the best?

android is better or iPhone

Although iOS is good, it may not be the best option for everyone. There are a lot of smartphones in the Android operating system. As a result, it is easy to find the design choice. Apart from that, many Android smartphones are available at low prices. It’s true that regular software updates aren’t available, but buying a smartphone doesn’t have much of an impact. Almost all budget Android smartphones are available in the market. There are many smartphones to choose from

The biggest advantage of Android seems to be more in hardware or hardware than in software that means there are opportunities to choose from many models. If you want, you can buy a good camera smartphone, again, you can give importance to the long-lasting battery, there is more variety in the size of the screen. That means you will get as many android smartphones as you want in the market.

Such a budget, such a phone

The price of the new iPhone is at least one thousand dollars. The relatively low-cost iPhone SE is no less than 400. Google, Huawei, or Samsung’s flagship smartphone. May be priced the same as the new iPhone. However, whatever your budget, you will get Android smartphones in the market at that price.

android is better or iPhone

Everything is changeable Android or iPhone

Now everything can be changed on the iPhone. You can resize text, change the layout of the icons on the home screen, and install third-party keyboards. However, if you notice a  little, you will see that all iPhones look more or less than the same. That means there is not much scope for customization or change. On the other hand, almost everything can be changed on Android. has the opportunity to choose your choice from many smartphones

Has extra memory

There is no opportunity to add a separate memory card to the iPhone. That’s the amount of internal storage you buy for an iPhone Can’t increase storage. Separate memory cards can be added to many Android phones.

Now think about what you want!



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