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Avira Free Antivirus Review(2021)How Strong & Safe It?

Avira free antivirus
Avira free antivirus

Introduction of Avira Antivirus

Avira free antivirus is award-winning Antivirus software. Avira free antivirus provides comprehensive protection against all kinds of threats, secures your data and protects your privacy. It focuses on malware protection and ensures your PC remains virus-free. It offers some superb features. Although many of these features. Can be downloaded for free from the Avira website. This software has a heavy system and detects 99.99% of malware.

You must know that Avira is free antivirus software. Now includes protection cloud technology Built upon the same award-winning technology found in premium products. It helps keep your PC malware-free at the same time. While it protecting your privacy. If you are looking for a lightweight and powerful Anti-Virus program. Then this software offers real-time malware detection. Of it has privacy and safety ratings for your search result.

This software will be very effective for your PC. Because-


Avira free antivirus

  • Detects viruses, adware, spyware and more
  • Repairs compromised and damaged files
  • It does not slow down your PC ever
  • Blocks harmful, infected and phishing sites
  • Blocks all known ransomware

Security Features of Avira Antivirus

Here we demonstrate some notable features of Avira Free Antivirus-

Avira free antivirus

  1. Advanced Real-Time Protection
  2. Antivirus Scanner
  3. Web Protection
  4. Ransomware Protection
  5. Ransomware Protection
  6. Phantom VPN

Advanced Real-Time Protection


Avira free antivirus

All versions of Avira antivirus software offer Real-Time Protection against malware. The Real-Time Protection feature provides automatic protection. which checks computer systems for suspicious activity in real-time. This feature scans all the files you access, copy etc. And it won’t let the suspicious file make changes to your device.

Antivirus Scanner


Avira free antivirus

In an Antivirus scanner. you can choose from two different scan options: full scan and quick scan.

In the case of a full scan. It will check your whole PC. However, there is also a section called Manage scans. It will help you to keep track of the scans already performed on your device. This tab also allows you to schedule custom scans.

The policy is too easy. Simply select the folders you want to check for Then set the scan to take place daily/weekly/monthly.

Web Protection


Avira free antivirus

This is one of the best features of Avira antivirus software. It prevents threats like phishing and spam. Along with malware like browser hackers. Avira will stop the threat instantly. If you encounter something unsure while browsing.

Ransomware Protection


Avira free antivirus

It is a malicious program. That encrypts your files and demands a ransom to unlock them. It is also capable to travel through links and attachments in emails and chats. But you may download it from infected sites as well.

To prevent this, Avira Antivirus easily detects ransomware before it activates. As a result, your device becomes protected from a total lockdown.

Phantom VPN


Avira free antivirus

Free VPN is really an interesting feature you know. It is fast and too easy to use. It can be used quickly and easily by connecting you to the nearest server with a single click.

Unfortunately, it has a limitation. It is limited to a mere 500MB per month. When you are in an emergency situation. It will surely help you, but the data won’t last long. One more problem is that the free version of Avira Phantom VPN will not. let you choose the location when connecting to a different server. This is because it will simply connect you to the nearest one.


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