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Top 50 Best Tech Blogs

With the best tech blogs analysis and statistics report that 75% of internet users read blogs regularly. And other 23% percent website user always spends time on the internet. Those reports get the result to bellow the website list. We collect that website information all are current status from google. Best tech blogs website is a very important platform for learning more about technology in the current world. Dailyworld.tech always provides smart and real information about tech. And they also provide a digital product’s current reviews. Here are 50+ of the best tech blogs website list with more information. And writing this info for just our lovely user can get idea from here:

best tech blogs - medium

1. Medium


Medium is the best tech blogs to share your unique content and get learn more about technology from here.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -9/10

DA-95, PA-80

Best tech blogs - Business Insider

2. Business Insider


Business Insider is the best tech blogs 2019 to share your tutorial and you will learn more about technology from here.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-93, PA-71

the verge

3. The Verge


The verge is most popular and very informative technology blog. It’s blog for tech lover which are mainly interesting in reading tech news.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-93, PA-69

engadget tech blogs

4. Engadget


Engadget is the original platform for technology news and reviews sharing. It was the very oldest website for tech lovers.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-94, PA-71

Wired blog site

5. Wired


WIRED’s biggest stories providing to your home. And this is the most popular tech blogs in the world for photography and journal.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-94, PA-73

tech crunch

6. TechCrunch


TechCrunch is a popular tech blog for reporting on the business, startup, venture and silicon valley. So we get a real-time report from here.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -9/10

DA-94, PA-77


7. LifeHacker


Lifehacker is the ultimate authority on optimizing every aspect of life. Do for better everything you share your idea in Lifehacker.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-92, PA-74


8. Gizmodo


Gizmodo is a future-thinking ideas store. Where you share your advertisement and Gizmodo email newsletter and subscribe person. Best tech blogs also.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-93, PA-75

the next web

9. TheNextWeb


The next web is another tech blog on the world. Mostly it covers guides and topics share related to business. So you can get more ideas from here.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-92, PA-70

mashable tech blog

10. Mashable


Mashable tech blog as storage of idea library. It’s so much a famous technology blog on the internet and covers the latest technology news.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -9/10

DA-93, PA-77

MIT technology review

11. MIT Technology Review


MIT technology review is to bring about better information. And most famous for a technology product review. Join this blog and get learn more.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-91, PA-61

Ars Technica

12. Ars Technica


Ars Technica is a popular technology lab in the world. They provide original tech news and tech product reviews and analysis.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-91, PA-71

NY Times

13. NY Times


New York times blog provides insight news and analysis on the latest activities. This blog is very helpful for you and learns more.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -9/10

DA-95, PA-80

ZDNET tech blogs



ZDNet is an international popular tech blogs in the world. It provides 24/7 coverage so you get the latest tech news.

Alexa Rank


Page Rank -8/10

DA-92, PA-67

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