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How to Start Content Writing Career Journey in 2021

Introduction of a content writing career

The term “content writing” is currently very popular in the online-based job market. A content writing career basically means writing about a subject. But content writing does not mean just one job, but a collection of several works at once.

Writing, outside of official work was once meant to be the story -writing of writers-poets. But at present, along with the scope of work, the unimaginable impact of information technology has also led to the proliferation of writing. Professional content writers are now needed for almost every business from fair to a high level.

Today’s article is for those who-

Our today’s article is for those of you guys, who are interested in getting an idea about content writing or who are interested in building content writing in this field. And I believe that the article will play an important role for you. In my opinion, everyone should have a fair idea about content writing. Because anything we can’t means our inability.

After reading this article, you will know-

  • What kind of content writing can be,
  • How to learn content writing?
  • Here are some basic steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.
  • Where can I find a job as a content writer?
  • The future of content writing in the job market

What kind of content writing is there?

There is no set limit to writing. Content writing varies depending on the type of work or the subject matter. For that reason, content writing, like LifeBoy or Dettol’s advertising script, is a type of content writing, just as a research paper on a completely different image, such as a hurricane, also falls under content writing. Even what you are reading at this moment is a kind of content writing.

As mentioned earlier, the type of format of content changes due to differences in work or subject matter. However, in today’s article, we have chosen some of the most common content writing and they are discussed in detail below:

content writing

#1. Blogging

Blogging is a type of content writing where the writer expresses what he wants to write in simple language. It basically means choosing a topic, giving a detailed description of it, and giving your own opinion.

Bangladesh’s advancement in blogging

content writing

The beginning of Bangladesh in blogging is quite remarkable. In the last decade, many writers have come out from blogging platforms like Somewhere in Blog, Sachalayatan, Muktamana, etc. In the beginning, there was no way to earn. So bloggers used to write from their own interest. But in this modern age, especially in the western world, blogging is almost monetized.

As a content writer mainly find topics that interest the reader. And so nowadays the subject-based blogging is more. Because the readership of thematic blogging is relatively high. Content is written on many topics on a blog site. If the quality of writing is good, you will easily develop a dedicated readership. Then according to the rules of the site you can earn through viewership or paid content.

Language is not a fact, you can blog in Bengali, English or any other language.

#2. Copywriting

Creating content for purely commercial purposes is called copywriting. In the process, there will be a client whose instructions you have to work according to. And the type of writing and the content will depend on which platform the last product is going to. In the case of an ad, look at the script, and then write an interesting caption to share that ad on Facebook. Both are completely different things. However, both works include copywriting.

content writing

What is the purpose of copywriting?

The main purpose of copywriting is to attract the attention of the customer and increase the profit margin of your client. But while the purpose may seem purely commercial, there are opportunities to experiment with many innovative, imaginative, and fun ideas in copywriting.

#3. Ghostwriting

content writing

The word “Ghostwriting” may seem new to you. The idea was not so prevalent in our country a few days ago. To be honest, I didn’t know as well. But nowadays, people’s interest in this subject is increasing. Suppose, a celebrity wants to write a book, but he is not so good at writing or a popular writer doesn’t have much time to write, But he has a great story plot. Ghostwriters are called in these cases.

But do you know why such writers are called ghostwriters? The reason is that it is quite cool and interesting. Such writers are called “ghosts” because their names can not be found anywhere in the writing. Because they write directly about other people’s biographies, stories, or ideas in return for which they get honours. And that’s why they can never claim the writing as their own.

#4. Technical writing

content writing

What do you think of the term “Technical writing”? Considering the literal meaning of technical writing, but basically not! Rather complex and thematic writing is called technical writing. Basically, it is not possible for ordinary people (except those who know about that subject) to understand by reading once. This type of writing is usually centred on a specific readership.

For example, in some popular Python libraries and frameworks, writing is not for everyone. Rather, readers who have studied programming or who already have an idea about it will want to read this topic. People of any kind of profession can find these platforms according to their own skills and start writing these.

#5. Scriptwriting

content writing

Scriptwriting is a great place to unleash your creativity, latent talents, and sort stories by content. The word script is familiar to all of us. We often hear this word when it comes to dramas or movies. A script is usually an instruction to turn a text object into a reality. We can compare the script to a skeleton. Because just like the rest of the body works around the skeleton, the elements like shooting, editing etc. work and follow the script.

There are usually two types of scripts;

The first is where the story will be given to you in advance, and the second is that you will be asked to arrange the story in your own freedom and convert it into a script. Scriptwriting is very different from other content writing. Because just writing a story here does not end the writer’s work. Rather the character of the story, what they are saying, how they are moving, what is happening in the background during this whole incident- all these have to be mentioned in the script.

What are the requirements to be a good scriptwriter?

The first condition to be a good scriptwriter- must have good skills in writing as well as creative thinking and good storytelling. Then, you need to know the whole process of how to tell the story through pictures.

#6. Communication Material writer

content writing

Everybody knows that communication means sending or receiving information. And the kind of writing that has to be done to communicate this is called communication material. The material also means official writing like email, text, newsletter, press release. That is, a person who writes about it is called a communication material writer.

You have to write such content with the ability to use words and sentences by following certain rules, formats, sometimes a company’s own template.

#7. Assignment writing

content writing

As you may have noticed, there are many who write others assignments outside of their studies. However, the assignment writing we are discussing here is done through outsourcing, in exchange for money. As you may know, students studying in different universities in America or European countries outsource their academic assignments. So before you write, you need to research the content of the assignment and verify the information. Then, read some more assignments of the same pattern available online.

#8. Report writing

content writing

What is report writing?

Report writing is not more than assignment writing, it is a bit different. However, it is basically at the academic level. For example, the communication department of many companies has to prepare different types of reports. Suppose, a department has to write a financial report. But, they have a shortage of time. In this case, they called the report writers.

#9. Product review

content writing

Maybe you already have an idea of what kind of work it might be. Basically, e-commerce websites or marketplaces have the opportunity to review various products or services. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate if there are only a few. It usually has to detail the product specification, usage, pros, and cons. In this type of writing, you must know well about the product. As well as creating review content according to the needs of the client.

#1o. Feature

content writing

Feature writing is very common to us. We are all more or less familiar with this. The feature is a type of writing where you can choose any topic and write about it. That can be anything.

There are opportunities to read and write well quality feature stories in magazines, journals, or various online websites.

Now the question is how to learn content writing? Is that so?

First of all, you have to acquire good knowledge about the language that you used in the content and know the usage rules. In this case, since the subject is writing, so there must be written knowledge. It means grammar, correct spelling and syntax rules. In a word, you have to become proficient in the language. There is no substitute for reading when it comes to content writing. To write well, you have to read more and more. There are several things you need to read. Because clients may ask you to write content on any topic.

  • Do topic research. It is important to study the subject you are going to write about. If you want you can first go to google chrome and get ideas from other websites about what you need to write. This is called topic research.
  • You can also get feedback from contemporary writers. This will help increase the quality of your writing.
  • Start writing from your comfort zone. You don’t have to write content on a very difficult topic at the beginning of your career. Rather, you may write about something you like or already know.

But not that you will get the job as soon as you start writing content. Because, if you want to take something as a profession, you have to master it through practice first. If you want to take content writing as a profession, you can take the “Content Writing” course of If you want, you can contact them by visiting their website (provided with the link).

Steps of content writing

There are many types of content writing. But, if you follow a few simple steps in writing. The task will no longer seem difficult to you. it becomes much easier. The following steps must be taken into account when writing content.

Step 1:

Set the target. First of all, decide what you want to write the article for.

Step 2:

Select the topic. You must choose what to write about. Then you have to do a lot of research on that topic.

Steps 3: 

Fix the strategy. After doing the research, a strategy has to be adopted based on the information that has been obtained. For instance, your content will contain information or statistics or whether you will use a quote or excerpt will be part of your strategy.

Step 4:

Start writing. Now you can start writing. The first instalment of writing is usually not fulfilled by anyone. So write the first instalment with an open mind.

But be careful! Beware of plagiarism or theft. No publication or client will ever accept duplicate text. Not only that, it will cancel your work and your name will be bad.

Step 5:

Edit the text. At the end of it all, you have to revise the whole text. Now you can publish your writing if you want. Another thing, if you publish the article by yourself, then you have to choose the keywords according to the topic of the article. Let me mention another thing here, suppose you thought you would write content on a topic. But you don’t understand whether people are attracted to it or not. If you want, you can go to google and find out about the search volume of your selected keywords.

The demand for content writers is now global. We have highlighted some platforms, where you can apply for the job if you want.

  • You can apply on job websites. On such websites, positions like “Content / Scriptwriter” etc. are recruited.
  • You can apply to freelance marketplaces. There you can choose the type of content you like. Besides, there is a great opportunity to get a job in the language you are proficient in. Flexjobs, Upwork, Remote ok, Freelancer, Fiverr are currently very popular websites for freelancing.
  • Social media: Social media platforms also have a separate section called “Jobs” where there is a lot of content writing work circulars. Facebook jobs is a good option in this case.
  • Blogging website: You can join any blogging website. There you can open an account in your own name and earn money by publishing the text according to the policy of that website. If you want, you can create your own website and publish your content there.
The future of content writing

Content writing is a market of infinite possibilities. You can work in this place as long as you want. As time goes on, the demand for such work will increase. As long as there is writing in the world, there will be no shortage of this work. Even writing experience is considered a key skill for many jobs. If you can write well, you will have a lot of value in the job market.




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