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Full Course Module for Company Intern or Trainee

course module

It is the best full course module for intern people or trainee. If your company starting a course for their employee skills develop. This course is very helpful for their training. So now we are sharing a complete course module for this type, of course, follow the bellow. And other course modules see this link clicking. click here.

course module for intern

Course Module for Intern

1st Day: Internet searching 

  • Google keyword search
  • Web design tools
  • Digital marketing concept
  • Online graphics tools
  • Important profile creation
  • Online server introduce

2nd Day: Web Classes

  • Coder elements ready
  • Web languages structure 
  • Files including 
  • Some of coding

3rd Day: Web Classes

  • Mini project using html css
  • Problem review and solving
  • Coding standard format

4th Day: Web Classes

  • One page template design
  • Media query for responsive
  • Javascript starting

5th Day: Web Classes

  • JS action and coding
  • Pre make js using 
  • Js mini projects

6th Day: Web Classes

  • Complete template design

7th Day: Marketing Class

  • What is digital marketing and why
  • Social media marketing

8th Day: Marketing Classes

  • On & off page SEO
  • Email marketing ideas
  • Affiliate marketing ideas

9th Day: Wp Classes

  • Wp dashboard 
  • Theme customize
  • Plugins customize

10th Day: WP Classes

  • Post create by SEO friendly
  • SEO referance

11th Day: Php &Mysql

  • How to start programming php
  • Database create 
  • Db connection

12th Day: Finishing Class

  • Previous error handle
  • Big project planning
  • Overall discussion

[ Must be every classes home work properly done with online publishing ]

If any class is missing or not finished in time we will repeat those classes after the next day. And everybody must be present in those classes within time. It is mainly recommended for IT-related companies.

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