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Do You Need Antivirus Software For Your Android Smartphone?

Do You Need Antivirus Software For Your Android Smartphone?
Do You Need Antivirus Software For Your Android Smartphone?

Do androids need antivirus?

We know that Smartphones usually contain a lot of personal information. Again there are pictures, there is banking information, many times important websites or apps are also automatically logged in. Naturally, we want to ensure the maximum security of this information. Now if I say do android phones need an antivirus app for smartphone security?

It is not possible to answer this question in one sentence. This is usually due to the way malware spreads from one computer to another, but not to smartphones. For example, you can use the Android operating system as an example.

Android is basically a Linux-based mobile operating system in this system. Desktop computers cannot be harmed by viruses like the Windows operating system. If we say so, then the antivirus apps included in Android do not work to eliminate the virus. Again, this does not mean that there is no such thing as malware or virus in Android. However, the type of work is different. Hackers spread malware mainly to collect various types of user information on the smartphone. The name of such malware is a tryout. Hacking on an android smartphone, he would record phone calls or send location information to hackers.

Just as a virus can spread to other computers connected to the network on a computer running the Windows operating system, it can also spread from an app installed on a phone to Android. That’s why you should download the app from where it should be.

Do Android Needs Antivirus?

What to look for before installing an app?

One thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t need anything, it’s best not to download the app from anywhere outside the Google Play Store. However, it’s not clear if Google’s service is 100% secure. But it’s technically advanced.

Again, not all apps in the Play Store can be blinded. Take a good look at who created the app, how many people have reviewed the app, and how.

Before installing, see what kind of permission the app is seeking. If you think the app doesn’t need permission to record calls, don’t allow it. Again, if at any stage of installing the app, if there is any doubt in your mind that it can do any harm, then give priority to the words of the mind. Outside of this, malware can sometimes spread from harmful websites. Again if you use an unsecured Wi-Fi network, malicious code may be installed on the phone. If your phone has a good antivirus app installed, then it is best for your phone because a good antivirus app can understand whether a website is harmful to you or an app is sending information without your knowledge.

However, if a brand new type of malware is created and spread, antivirus apps may take some time to detect it. Hackers do whatever it takes to damage this gap.

So why not install an antivirus app

So why not install an antivirus app?

Um, of course, yes I know this, why it’s something is known in advance. Do not download the app from anywhere in a hurry. After installing the app, only read and understand the permission you want. And keep the phone app updated all the time.

One thing to keep in mind about antivirus apps. For example, the more a thief has to break down a door the more likely he is to fail. Installing an antivirus app increases the security level of the phone. What is that or less?

Which app is better?

However, researchers from the Austrian company AV-Comparatives tested two and a half hundred antivirus apps and found that two-thirds of them do not work. Again many popular antivirus apps exaggerate virus detection reports. The app is very useful, detects a lot of malware, and tries to make it clear that you have made the best decision in life by installing it.

Many times it is shown in the advertisement, install the app now is the only way to get rid of your smartphone virus. There is no reason to believe in such things. You avoid them.


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