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Google Nest Hub Max

Google Hub Max
Google Hub Max
Google Nest Hub Max
Google Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max is a product of google. It is one kind of smart home device. This is bigger than the next hub. It is a great invention for users who want command and want its product work like his here are discuss the characteristic of the product. Display of Google Nest Hub Max.

The display of Google Nest Hub Max is very fantastic. It has a 10-inch LCD screen for displaying photos. And smart speakers. Its Resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels for this it looks bright and sharp. It covered by a fabric-covered base.

Set up and Control system of Google Hub Max

Setting up the google hub max is very simple, especially at first you need to download  Google Home. if you operate your google max you need to activate a Google account otherwise it will not work 

Control system of Google Hub Max

The control system of google hub max is very simple. You can control your smart home easily by its controls system. Google offers only two colors a dark grey or a lighter grey.

Camera and video

the camera of google hub max is good .the camera on the Nest Hub Max is smart, it has a front-facing camera and use as a smart home camera. but you need to install google due from the play store so when your video call and goes to your kitchen, the camera will track and follow you but the camera has not night camera version The quality of video calls is so smooth and effective.

Sound quality

The sound performance of google nest hub is good. It has three speaker drivers, two twisters, and one woofer. Listening to something on hub max is also enjoyable.

Bottom line

In the end, we can say that google nest hub is the best digital assistant if you the best google assistant with a smart display, it will be best for you. For advance, idea visits by FileKy.

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