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Published - December 29, 2020
Updated - December 29th, 2020
Writter - Md Abdul Musaddek

u 1020013 NEW | Google Nest Mini

Google is a multinational technology company that provide service and product technology such as Android Auto.Android OS,Android TV. ,Chrome,Chrome Web Store ets. Among the products  technology Google Nest Mini one of is a great invitation of google.few years ago google has.invention a lot of cheap smart speakers  first one is that  google. Home mini ,now they are invited to Google. Nest Mini.The Google Nest Mini is an updated and rebranded Google Home Mini. the Nest Mini is the new entry level smart speaker from Google.our home becomes smart day by day and we demand such things in our home for comfort  . Google Nest Mini follow up the google home mini, like similar design with upgrade speakers

Design Of Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini  is a friendly design so that you can see like your is similar like home mini. The Nest Mini is available in four different colors: Chalk, Charcoal, Sky, and Coral. It is a fabric covering over so that you can feel comfortable.there is some touch control system in google next mini.By touch control system user can adjust his  volume user turn the volume up with a simple tap on the right of the speaker, and turn it down with a tap on the left.The device offers three microphones for recognizing your voice, Google Nest Mini  can easily understand what you say and what you can control your home device easily by it .

Setting Up Of Google Nest Mini 

The settings up google  Nest Mini  is very easy.plug the device and download  Google Home App from google play store.after the install you set up you  google Home App  and connect to the nest mini by Bluetooth but you mustly need a google account for set up otherwise it can not work.there is also Micro USB .

Sound Quality Of Google Nest Mini 

Sound Sound quality of google Is quite  better than   google Home App  making listening to music on the device much more enjoyable.On the Nest Mini, Google added a third microphone to the array. That extra microphone allows it to better drown out nearby noise and focus in on that hotword and your following command .

Recycled Materials Of Google Nest Mini 

We live in today. plastic is everywhere where we live  and you cannot  try to recycle all you want, but it’s only going to do so much. One way Google is trying to hop elp is by using recycled materials Nest Mini The fabric material that makes up the Nest Mini isn’t just a traditional polyester fabric like it was on previous speakers from Google home , 


In the end we can say that The google nest mini  is an excellent option for those who want a Google Assistant-powered speaker on  his  budget. The speaker of this device is not so good as google home or google home max ,they should also  improve sound quality  but it is a comfortable size and budget price so that  buyers  who want smart features in each room of the house can easily buy it

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