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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hacker


Whenever you hear the word ‘hacker’ it naturally seems to you or us that it is a face covered with a mask, a man wearing a hoodie, and typing on a computer keyboard. But just so? No, this is not the actual scene. This is because it’s not about the outlook that you see, it’s about skill. You know what, they use many techniques like phishing websites, google hacking, and more to steal your very important, valuable data. Today’s article will show ten secret things about the hackers that you probably didn’t know before. So read the article attentively for getting something you want. At first, we have to make a simple idea over hacking like what is hacking actually and who is called a hacker. Ok, let’s start-

What is hacking?

Well, an attempt to exploit a computer system or a private network inside a computer as hacking. It is the process of gaining unauthorized access to a computer, or group of computer systems. But, to better describe hacking, one needs to first understand about hackers. Let’s learn about a hacker briefly.

Who is called a hacker?

You will define a hacker in several ways. A hacker is an individual who uses their computer, networking, and all kinds of technical skills to accomplish a task or conquer an obstacle inside a computerized system through non-standard means. A hacker is a person who finds and exploits the weakness in computer systems or networks to gain access. You can easily say that a computer expert who solving problems with a computer.

5 things that you probably didn’t know about hackers

  • Hacking is both legal and illegal

You know, hacking is both legal and illegal. But many of us probably didn’t know about that. Basically, it depends on the purpose of the hacker. There are huge industries in the world that employ hackers to hack their systems. But do you know why they do that? This is because in this way they can find out the errors in their online security and make them stronger so that others cannot violate it. It may surprise you to listen to you that, Google paid about $6.5 billion last year to keep the internet secure.

  • Hackers also do war

Hackers also take part in the online war, which is known as Cyber Warfare. But do you know about Cyber Warfare? If the answer goes negative, it’s completely ok. There is significant debate among experts regarding the definition of Cyber Warfare. Let’s know something about it- According to Wikipedia- “Cyber Warfare is the use of digital attacks to attack a nation, causing comparable harm as actual warfare and disrupting the vital computer systems.” You can also define that, a hacker community takes action to attack the network of another country or organization by releasing computer viruses and refusal of service attack (DD0S attack). In an expert’s opinion, future wars will include hacking, where hackers will be much stronger and will fight armed human and robot soldiers.

  • Patience is one of the most important qualities of a hacker

A person needs lots of quality to be a hacker. Among them, patience is most important. In movies, we generally see that hackers are cracking passwords in the blink of an eye. But it is not the actual scene. The hacker needs much patience while hacking. This is because the victim does not respond easily this way all the time. So a hacker has no way except to wait. And has to wait until the victim falls into his traps. A hacker uses many ways of hacking information, including stealing emails from somewhere, tapping unsecured phone lines, conducting phishing attacks, etc.  They also have to use various codes or tools to find the weakness and recover.

  • Hackers aren’t antisocial

There is a myth about hackers in our society that they do nothing but a hack. That means, they do not take part in any social activities. But is that really so? This is not true at all. Rather, most hackers participate in social activities, do jobs, and spend quality time with their family members and friends. They hack to learn about technology or to gather information for another person or group. But why do they hide their identity as a hacker? The answer to this question, I already mentioned before. The reason is, people have lots of negative ideas about hackers.

But is also true that some hackers do not engage in any real activity.

  • They are not used to hacking websites all the time

If you thought that a hacker always used to attack websites, then you are wrong. Hackers do not attack websites only and all the time. Hackers can do more things that you may don’t know. For instance, they can hack a bank account, ruin someone’s credit, use and abuse your social security number, sell your information to other parties who will use it for illicit or illegal purposes, and many more things.

However, there are some myths and misconceptions about hackers and their personalities in our society, but I hope you can realize now what the actual things are.

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