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Here is a HomePod mini commercial “The magic of mini”

HomePod mini commercial
HomePod mini commercial

Whats is HomePod mini commercial? One of the more exciting new categories in audio comes in the form of smart  speakers, homepad is among them. HomePod mini is a high-performance wireless speaker that is voice controlled, and to consider its “smart” features. It is invented by Apple.

How can you connect to the HomePod mini commercial ?

 Set the HomePod up, you must pair it with an iCloud ID, a free account  of Apple’s. You must set it up using a compatible iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You’ll also need an Apple Music subscription if you want music . After a setup process you control the HomePod almost completely by voice, request or a command.

HomePod mini commercial

Design and built equity the HomePod mini commercial:

The build quality of this speaker is great. It’s covered by a plush fabric that will be not broken easily . It will lasting a long time by using.

Sound quality the HomePod mini

When you’re talking about how theHomePod mini commercial actually sounds quality, things you get interesting. The HomePod also has microphones inside. That self-adjust the eq  depending on how close it is to a wall. And other material so that the sound stays good by using it. If you place a speaker near a corner, you get a nice boost from bouncing around. 

limitations  of HomePod

1.It’s works  Apple only: You’ll need a recent iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to set up a HomePod. That means you can’t use an Android device or a computer .

2.It’s only for a single user: You can’t have multiple accounts linked to a HomePod. That means you can’t borrow a friend’s  or other iOS device, 

You can’t simply plug in your HomePod on another device : When you are using homepad. You can not connect homepad by Bluetooth or other device.


In the end we can say that HomePod mini commercial is a very good device for using. But there are some limitations on this device but after all it is the best sounding speaker.

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