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Published - December 30, 2020
Updated - December 30th, 2020
Writter - Md Abdul Musaddek

UFIOEWUROIEF 27358723 | HomePod mini

One of the more exciting new categories in audio comes in the form of smart  speakers ,homepad is among them .HomePod mini is a high-performance wireless speaker that is voice controlled, and to consider its “smart” features .it is invented by Apple.

How can you connect to the HomePod mini ?

 Set the HomePod up, you must pair it with an iCloud ID, a free account  of Apple’s . you must set it up using a compatible iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch .. You’ll also need an Apple Music subscription if you want music .After a setup process you control the HomePod almost completely by voice, request or a command.

Design and built equity the HomePod mini:

The build quality of this speaker is great. It’s covered by a plush fabric that will be not broken easily .it will lasting a long time by using

Sound quality the HomePod mini

When you’re talking about how the HomePod actually sounds quality, things you get interestingThe HomePod also has microphones inside that self-adjust the eq  depending on how close it is to a wall or other material so that the sound stays good by using it. If you place a speaker near a corner, you get a nice boost from bouncing around. 

limitations  of homepad mini

1.It’s works  Apple only: You’ll need a recent iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to set up a HomePod. That means you can’t use an Android device or a computer .

2.It’s only for a single user: You can’t have multiple accounts linked to a HomePod. That means you can’t borrow a friend’s  or other iOS device, 

You can’t simply plug in your HomePod on another device :When you are using homepad you can not connect homepad by Bluetooth or other device.


In the end we can say that homepad mini is a very good device for using,but there are some limitations on this device but after all it is the best sounding speaker.

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