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How to install XAMPP on windows 10

How to install xampp


Today we will discuss how to install XAMPP on your computer. XAMPP is an important tool for a web developer. This is a free and open-source tool used by web developers in the windows family and other platforms to set up the development and testing environment. The XAMPP server comes with the XAMPP control panel to manage all its components easily. XAMPP stands for (X) cross-platform, (A) Apache, (M) MySQL, (P) PHP, (P) Perl, and with some additional modules. Including PHPMyAdmin (for the database) Filezilla Mecury, and Tomcat. XAMPP server works your systems as a local server. That is generally used by PHP developers to test on their web projects. Once you have installed and configured the XAMPP server in your system. You can easily work with any CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others more. We will try to show you How to install XAMPP on windows 10 through this tutorial.

Install process on the XAMPP server

Step 1

First of all, You download the XAMPP server. You visit the “Apache Friends” Website in your web browser. Then comes a web page Like this image.

Step 2:

Now Click on “XAMPP For windows”. Then navigate the downloading location and the file will be automatically downloaded.

xampp download


Step 3

You can go to your Local computer and Double-click the downloaded file to launch the XAMPP installer.

How to install xampp

Step 4

A setup window will appear on the screen like this image. Then you click on the Next button.

How to running xampp

Step 5

By default, all components are selected in your XAMPP installation. But you can Select all components that you want to install and click on the Next button.

how to install xampp

Step 6

Chose a folder from your computer to install the Xampp and click on the Next button.

how to install xampp

Step 7

Comes to an inter-page like this image. Then you uncheck the Learn more about bitnami for XAMPP option. And Again, click on the Next button.

how to install xampp

Step 8

And now the Ready to install interface will appear on the screen, then click on the Next button.

how to install xampp

Step 9

Then comes to the inter page like this image on your computer screen. Now you just click on the finish button. And complete your installation process.

how to install xampp

Step 10

At last, select a language either English or German, and click on the Save button.

how to install xampp

Configuration Process of XAMPP Server

Start the XAMPP Control Panel through the Run as an administrator option. Then Xampp control panel will appear on your computer screen. You can click on the start action to start the Apache and MySQL modules. The default XAMPP server settings should work for most users. When you start the related services then the color of the related modules is becoming change into green colors. And the PID(s) and Port(s) will also be shown to the users.

how to install xampp

How to run xampp



Fix an Issue of Apache not Starting XAMPP

Some of the users may face a problem. Like Apache and MySQL modules service is not working With XAMPP. Depending on your system setup configuration you may need to change the Post numbers of Apache and MySQL. Because the WWW (World Wide Web) services under IIS (Internet Information System) services are also running on port 80 in your system. Which is also the default port of Apache in XAMPP. And both servers can not use the same port at the same time. You follow the instruction below to fix it.


By disabling the Internet Information Services (IIS)

Step 1

AT first from the start menu from your computer and search control panel.

Step 2


Then comes the inter-page like this image. And just click on Programs.


Step 3

Now! Click on the Turn Windows features on or off option.

Windows features on or off option


Step 4

Now an Inter-page will appear on your PC screen. You can just clear the internet information services option and click on the OK button. Then restart your PC.

internet information services

Again Open the Xampp on your computer. Now it will work on your PC as a Local server.

start to apache and mysql

By following this information, you can install and configure the XAMPP server on windows 10. I hope you can install this application on your computer. Follow the daily world tech to learn more new and amazing blog tutorials about technology.

Thanks for reading this article. You need any help with us just a comment.


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