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How to Speed Up WiFi? 5 Easy Ways to Speed up WiFi;

how to speed up wifi

Today we will discuss with you How to Speed Up WiFi. With the advancement of technology, the internet is now within reach. The number of internet users is much higher now than before. Whether it is an office or home, internet facilities are very important now. In this way, the majority of people are turning to WiFi for the convenience of work or for unlimited internet. In other words, the demand for WiFi router installation is increasing day by day.

However, many of us are a little dissatisfied with the speed of WiFi. Because the speed of WiFi decreases during work, you have to suffer a lot. So, in today’s content, I will highlight the top 5 ways to increase the speed of WiFi- which can end your WiFi- speed-related problems. We will try to show you How to Speed Up WiFi through this tutorial.

With 5 things in mind, WiFi speed can be easily increased a lot. Here are these-

1. Place the router in the middle of the house

If you place the router in a corner of the room next to the window to keep the amount of cable low while making the connection, then your decision is wrong. The router should be placed in the middle of the house to get the best coverage. This is because WiFi speeds omnidirectionally. This is very helpful for speed up WiFi.

That means that the way the sound comes out of the tube, the signal is transmitted to the center of the router. So if you place your router in one corner of your house, naturally half signal will go out of the house. As a result, you will get less speed.

how to speed up wifi

2. Keep the Router About Eye Height

If you place the router 5-6 feet above the ground, you will get the best signal. In other words, keep the router at eye level, then you will get a good signal. Another thing to keep in mind is not to place the router next to any device that can interfere with the signal, such as the base of a cordless phone, printer, microwave, or any other router.

3. Connect as few devices as possible

We all know that WiFi speed is greatly reduced if you connect more devices together. Now, if we have an event or party at home, we often have to connect to WiFi for the use of friends and relatives. However, in this case, if the speed becomes too low, then what can be done?

Connect as few devices



Now, some kinds of routers have the option to block devices. So if that’s the question, then you should-

  • Block the specific device that is pulling more bandwidth.
  • Ask them to use WiFi just to surf the internet.
  • If someone wants to download something, you can tell them to wait or forbid it.

4. Connect the repeater

By connecting the repeater, it is possible to increase the WiFi speed quite a bit. You will find many repeaters in the market or online shopping sites, you can buy whenever you want. The price is also not too expensive, starting from 1k. It is also very easy to configure.

However, if you have already a good old router at your home, you can use it as a repeater as well. But for this, you have to go to the settings page and configure it first.

5. Use USB Router

USB router


Try your best to buy a router with a USB port. This is because having a USB port allows you to connect an external hard drive, and it acts as network storage for all connected devices, and such routers are quite powerful.

You can also connect to a printer. It can be printed from any device in the network. In this case, it will not be necessary to connect to any device.






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