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How To Use WhatsApp On PC With Pairing your Phone

how to use WhatsApp on PC

How to use WhatsApp on PC?

Peoples who are new to the computer, they don’t know how to use WhatsApp on PC. Now you can learn a couple of ways to use WhatsApp on PC.

There are two common ways to use WhatsApp on a computer.

The first one is to use the web app of WhatsApp and the second one is to install the desktop app on Windows 8 or its next additions. In both cases, the smartphone will have to connect.

How to install the desktop app?

  • Firstly, you have to visit the website of WhatsApp.

whatsapp download link

  • It will be needed to select Windows or Mac OS, according to the requirement.

  • Install the app when it would be downloaded.

whatsapp app

But if you want to use the web app, then you should visit the There is no need to install.

How to connect your phone?

Say the desktop app or the web app, the rules to connect smartphones are one and similar. In both cases, you will see, a QR code on the right of the monitor. You have to scan the QR code from your smartphone’s WhatsApp app.

  • 1st Step: Just by clicking the WhatsApp app, it will be installed on your computer, you will see a screen like this.

whatsapp app Qr code

  • 2nd Step: Now open WhatsApp on your phone, then tap the three-dot menu and select WhatsApp web.

pairing mobile menu

  • 3rd Step: Now point your phone’s camera to the computer and scan the QR code

scan qr code

Procedure to set WhatsApp on your computer.

After accessing WhatsApp on a smartphone running the Android operating system, tap on the three-dotted menu button at the top right. Now select ‘WhatsApp web’. Then point the smartphone camera on your computer monitor. After that, the QR code inside the square box will identify it. If everything goes well, WhatsApp will log in to the computer.

However, iPhone users have to go to the settings option after accessing WhatsApp. After that, complete the processing one by one like selecting ‘WhatsApp web’, then use your iPhone camera to scan the QR code on the computer’s monitor. You will be able to see the WhatsApp chats on the computer screen in just a few seconds. You can do anything from the web edition without the call of WhatsApp. There are some advantages have started in Audio and video call as well by the edition of the desktop.

If you want to get notifications of new messages, then you have to agree by clicking on ‘Turn on Desktop Notifications’. At last, select the log-out by clicking on the three-point menu button.

I hope you have no longer problem with the process. If there is any problem, please let us know in the comment box.

[When using WhatsApp on your computer, check your internet connections on your phone.]


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