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Clinkz Guides 39th Popularity 51.21% Win Rate Overview Guides Items Counters Clips NEW! Ability Builds Abilities Trends Player Rankings Cosmetics Find constantly updated Clinkz guides from the top performances of the week. Each guide includes item builds, ability builds, timings and more.


ClinkzAbility Builds. 43rd Popularity 51.32% Win Rate Overview; Guides; Items; Ability Builds. Overview; Guides; Items; Ability Builds; More. Counters; Clips NEW! Ability Builds; Abilities; Trends; Player Rankings; Cosmetics; Talent Usage. 38.2% Pick Rate. Tar Bomb Multishot +0.4% Win Rate. 25. 61.8% Pick Rate. Dota 2 is a registered.

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Clinkz - Dota 2 Hero - Dota Coach Agility Clinkz Get the in-game guide Carry Select Role Carry Ability Build 1 Tar Bomb 2 Death Pact 3 Tar Bomb 4 Strafe 5 Tar Bomb 6 Skeleton Walk 7 Tar Bomb 8 Strafe 9 Strafe 10 +15 Tar Bomb Bonus Attack Damage 11 Strafe 12 Skeleton Walk 13 Death Pact 14 Death Pact 15 +75 Attack Range 16 Death Pact

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Purchase Order Starting Items Tango Faerie Fire Blood Grenade Blight Stone Sentry Ward Early Game Iron Branch Iron Branch Magic Wand Boots of Speed Medallion of Courage Utility Items (Pick 1) Phylactery Spirit Vessel Rod of Atos Force Staff Glimmer Cape Lotus Orb Orchid Malevolence Core Items Solar Crest Aghanim's Scepter Aghanim's Shard Late Game


Steam Community :: Guide :: 7.35 (Core) Clinkz is 7.35 meta. Store Page. Dota 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews. Not enough ratings.

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19. Force Staff. Late Game. 20. Scythe of Vyse. 105. Aeon Disk. Sentry, Dust and Gem. Learn more about Clinkz's abilities, item and ability builds, counter strategies and counter items.

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Clinkz, the Bone Fletcher, is a ranged agility hero specializing in ambushing lone enemies due to his high physical damage and incredible speed. Though frail.

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Today's topic is the wonderful history of Clinkz's many different item build metas over the years. I feel the need to open up a discussion on this, as many players still stick to incredibly outdated approaches, likely due to blissfulness or comfort.. These were a remnant of the Warcraft 3 engine in which DotA 1 was made; where it was a.

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Clinkz, the Bone Fletcher, is a ranged agility-oriented Dota 2 hero usually played as a carry. His kit allows him to gank unaware enemies with his stealth, making him a constant threat.

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Build 1 Build 2 Build 3 Bloodthorn rush DotA2 Hero: Clinkz Purchase Order Example item progression (orchid) Orchid Malevolence Bloodthorn Black King Bar Nullifier Starting items (safelane) Sage's Mask Tango Iron Branch Iron Branch Iron Branch Starting items (mid) Iron Branch Iron Branch Tango If mid Bottle Early game Ring of Aquila Boots of Speed

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Skills building guide. First, max Searing Arrow. Clinkz's early game damage output is frequently underappreciated, which easily leads to free kills. Then max Strafe It provides a massive amount of attack speed, which can easily burst down any hero at that point in the game if you have good positioning.

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DotA2 Hero: Clinkz Purchase Order Suggested Item Progression Ring of Basilius Magic Stick Tranquil Boots Orchid Malevolence Black King Bar Monkey King Bar Starting Items (0 min) Tango Healing Salve Iron Branch Iron Branch Iron Branch Ring of Protection Early Game (~10 min) Ring of Basilius Boots of Speed Ring of Regen Magic Stick Oblivion Staff

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Bone Fletcher Clinkz's Stats Strafe Clinkz gains attack speed and has bonus attack range. Any current Burning Skeleton Archers. Tar Bomb Clinkz throws a projectile filled with tar at the target enemy, dealing Magic damage on impact.. Death Pact Clinkz consumes the target enemy creep or friendly creep and creates a Burning Skeleton Archer in.

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Clinkz Item Build , DOTA HEROES ITEM BUILD Clinkz "Bone Fletcher" this dota hero always play as carry with its games sometimes could be as support due to its invisibility skills. This hero could be also dangerous at the start of game with its damage skill and right item build. Clinkz "Bone Fletcher" Skill Build Level 1. Wind Walk Level 2.


Clinkz - Items - DOTABUFF - Dota 2 Stats All Heroes Meta Trends Lanes Most Played Win Rate Game Impact Economy Farm Damage and Healing Clinkz Items 74th Popularity 51.19% Win Rate Overview Guides Items Counters Clips NEW! Ability Builds Abilities Trends Player Rankings Cosmetics Most Used Items, Clinkz, This Month This Month Last Updated 2 days ago

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Clinkz Eastwood - Basic Guide January 28, 2012 by Relyks Comments: 41 | Views: 691392 | Build Guides Discussion (41) More Guides Report Standard Build DotA2 Hero: Clinkz Purchase Order Starting Items Tango Healing Salve Iron Branch Slippers of Agility Circlet Early Game Boots of Speed Medallion of Courage Core Power Treads Orchid Malevolence