took a course on discrete math just to make this 1 meme r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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Discrete Maths was interesting… 170 comments Add a Comment • Number theory often considers the natural numbers as all positive integers, whereas computer science typically counts the nonnegative integers. As such you're likely to se N defined as integers of 0 and up in an IT-class and as 1 and up in a maths class. Irrational

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Apparently, over 100 million students across the globe even fail a math class every single year. But according to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey, over half of Americans say they actually did enjoy learning about math and science in school. If you were one of those students, from the US or anywhere else around the globe, who couldn't help.

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Discrete math was the weirdest fucking class because it was like doing math without actually doing math. It's because everything you are taught from K-12 isn't really what maths is about at a university or higher level. Discrete maths is the first taste of "real math" most get. In-fucking-deed.

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In summary, here are 10 of our most popular discrete mathematics courses. Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science: University of California San Diego. Discrete Mathematics: Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 离散数学概论 Discrete Mathematics Generality: Peking University.

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1 [deleted] • 3 yr. ago Haha it's just a meme, you don't have to defend yourself so much. I have a special place in my heart for combinatorics, since it was the first math class that really kicked my ass, but it also taught me that math can be creative and complex. 2 Notya_Bisnes • 3 yr. ago Combinatorics is actually kinda fun.

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Discrete Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with "discrete" mathematical structures instead of "continuous". Discrete mathematical structures include objects with distinct values like graphs, integers, logic-based statements, etc.

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r/mathmemes. Join. • 16 days ago. Approximations of pi using e and e using pi (plus phi and a few integers). I made this right after the approximating X with Y fad ended on this sub. Not wanting to waste the time I spent finding these, I thought I might as well post it now. Go easy on me for posting an outdated format. 288.

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Discrete Mathematics is a term that is often used for those mathematical subjects which are utterly essential to computer science, but which computer scientists needn't dive too deeply into. But Khan Academy doesn't cover this in its core mathematics, which culminates in the harder (IMO) calculus subjects, it must be admitted..

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Roughly speaking, it is the study of discrete objects. Here, discrete means "containing distinct or unconnected elements.". Examples include: Determining whether a mathematical argument is logically correct. Studying the relationship between finite sets. Counting the number of ways to arrange objects in a certain pattern.

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Suppose that you are on a Discord server with five channels. You have created a discrete math meme (example below), and written a script that sends it to a randomly-chosen channel each time

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Discrete mathematics Meme Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 6.8K Sort by: Open comment sort options 4k3R • 7 mo. ago I still don't know what discrete mathematics is. 1.8K databatinahat • 7 mo. ago It's like in Tomb Raider when her tits were pyramids. 1.9K mredditer • 7 mo. ago

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An Analogy: A proof by mathematical induction is similar to knocking over a row of closely spaced dominos that are standing on end.To knock over the dominos in Figure 3.7.2, all you need to do is push the first domino over.To be assured that they all will be knocked over, some work must be done ahead of time. The dominos must be positioned so that if any domino is pushed is knocked over, it.

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Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that are countable or otherwise distinct and separable. Examples of structures that are discrete are combinations, graphs, and logical statements. Discrete structures can be finite or infinite.


One reason it is difficult to define discrete math is that it is a very broad description which encapsulates a large number of subjects. In this course we will study four main topics: combinatorics (the theory of ways things combine; in particular, how to count these ways), sequences, symbolic logic, and graph theory.However, there are other topics that belong under the discrete umbrella.

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Some Discrete Memes 48 3 Share Sort by: [deleted] • 4 yr. ago I mean, you really need two injective functions, but I applaud your use of Kronk. 4 SmythofKhan OP • 4 yr. ago Hence coming together 4 [deleted] • 4 yr. ago Constructivist cries 2 467K subscribers in the mathmemes community. Give me some mathematical memes!