This Pan Am building in Honolulu at 1600 Kapiolani Boulevard housed the local offices of Pan


March 7, 2017 Perhaps the most detested Midtown skyscraper by the public, this huge tower has nevertheless always been a popular building with tenants for its prime location over Grand Central.

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The Pan Am Building, Honolulu: Pan Am and Hawaii go back a long way in the tourist industry. From 1935 and the landing of the first China Clipper to the era of inexpensive travel for millions, Honolulu was a major stop for travelers heading to and from the Pacific region.

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The Pan Am Building was officially opened with a high-profile ribbon cutting on March 7, 1963. Along with an audience of hundreds, the big event was attended by New York's government luminaries, the US Commerce Secretary, Jack Cotton and of course Juan Trippe. But Erwin Wolfson was not there.

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Built in 1969, Pan Am Building is a mid-century modern styled property designed by architect, George Hogan and was named after its largest tenant at the time, Pan American World Airways. Located along Honolulu's Kapiolani corridor, the Pan Am Building is one of the most recognized and distinguished properties in Hawaii. ABOUT PAN AM BUILDING

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Designed by Emery Roth & Sons with Pietro Belluschi and Walter Gropius, the MetLife Building (originally the Pan Am Building) towers over Grand Central Station. The 1963 contemporary classic was controversial when built, with its unprecedented volume of office space, the most in any single building of its time, and its command over Park Avenue.


'1963' When the building opened on March 7, 1963, it became 59 floors and 292 000 m2 in building the world's largest office. Originally, the project was called Grand Central City, but the airline Pan Am took control of the building, occupying a quarter of it and renaming as Pan Am Building.

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The heliport on the Pan Am building was closed and never reopened. The scene after the crash on May 16, 1977 (Photo by Richard Lee/New York Post Archives /(c) NYP Holdings, Inc. via Getty Images) That was the second accident for New York Airways, which had been founded in 1953 using military-surplus choppers. The airline had a third crash in.

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Wolfson, Trager noted, got $25 million for the project from Jack "King" Cotton, an English investor, and Pan Am became the major tenant. When it was completed, the 2.4-million-square-foot.

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Schematic of Pan Am Building and Grand Central from Popular Science article (1962); Popular Science, Sep 1962, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons . Lobby. A lobby spans the bottom two stories of the MetLife Building. A 23-meter pedestrian corridor at street level allows traffic to circulate between Grand Central Terminal and the Helmsley.

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Building the Pan Am Building with Richard Roth Jr. BOOK NOW At 200 Park Avenue, the MetLife Building (previously known as the Pan Am Building) was opened in 1963. The International Style.

This Pan Am building in Honolulu at 1600 Kapiolani Boulevard housed the local offices of Pan

THE CONSTRUCTION Behind the Scenes The construction of the Pan Am Building: a captivating event for New Yorkers Crews worked in shifts to coordinate a careful ballet of arriving materials - much of it via the rail tracks below the site - and the clearing of unwanted materials.

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Air Rights: The Pan Am Building, New York City -- Sixty years old, March 2023. Over the years the structure has gained fans who appreciate its conveniences. and a remarkable sculpture by Richard Lippold, dedicated to Pan Am and Juan Trippe, can be seen today.

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The Pan Am Building, now known as the MetLife Building, was at the time one of the city's most controversial buildings due to its position and style. But today, many preservationists are.

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The Pan Am Building overlooking Grand Central Terminal in 1963. Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy (Courtesy of the New York Public Library). Photo: Grand Central Terminal was finished in 1913, replacing an earlier depot built in 1871 for the New York Central Railroad.

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The MetLife Building (also 200 Park Avenue and formerly the Pan Am Building) is a skyscraper at Park Avenue and 45th Street, north of Grand Central Terminal, in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York City.

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History Formation Flown cover autographed by pilot Cy Caldwell and carried from Key West, Florida, to Havana, Cuba, on the first contract airmail flight operated by Pan American Airways, October 19, 1927 "Birthplace of Pan American World Airways", Key West, Florida