The 15+ Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2022 (2023)

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With sims 4 pregnancy mods you can really change how in-depth the pregnancy experience is and make it so much more fun. Your sims are going to be more tired, more hungry and pee more often but that's really all you're going to experience with this in the game and that's just not enough for many players.

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8. Pregnancy Mega Mod Check Out This Mod First of all, bear in mind that this mod is not meant to be fair. It's just an add-on that allows you to fully control how pregnancies work and how will they go.

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Realistic Life & Pregnancy Mod v.1.0. Sep 28, 2020. Hello Simmers, This Mod is all about family and relationships, it's supposed to add more realistic conversations and answers. Your Sim might not like the questions and might have bad reactions. The New Pie menu categories will include:

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Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection - Lumpinou's Sims 4 mods Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection (previously named: WooHoo Wellness) A COLLECTION of MODS made together to integrate each other, but able to be used independently. NOTE: This mod gets updated frequently, and descriptions are sometimes a bit behind. Advertisements

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these mods will make your sims pregnancy and birth experience so much more realistic and really feel like an experience for them!download : https://www.fanta.

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No huge Pregnancy Bellies. This Part changes the size of the Belly of pregnant Sims. There are four different Versions available: Small: 1st 60% smaller, 2nd 50% smaller, 3rd & Labor 35% smaller. Small Slighty Bigger Belly: 1st 40% smaller, 2nd 35% smaller, 3rd & Labor 25% smaller. Small 1 Trimester only: 1st 40% smaller (2nd & 3rd default EA Size)

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(Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul, mod #1) Pregnancy / Family Preferences and Pregnancy Interactions ----- Family Preferences: wants children, doesn't, or neutral ----- All Sims age young adult - adult are automatically given pregnancy preferences (wants children, neutral, does not want children). Sims who hate children always auto-get 'dosn't want children' - and the opposite is…

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Realistic pregnancy is now possible in the Sims 4 thanks to this mod by WICKED PIXXEL. It'll give your Sim the " Pregnancy Symptoms " trait. With this mod, your pregnant Sim will undergo random symptoms every couple of hours. Some of those symptoms will weaken your Sim to the point of not being able to do anything else (fun stuff!).


37 Exciting Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods to Shake Up Your Game by moddingmagic | Apr 27, 2022 | Mods, The Sims 4 | 0 comments With the right Sims 4 pregnancy mods, you can shake up the formula of the game's tedious and repetitive nature and bring more excitement and realism to your Sims' pregnancies.

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Sep 21, 2020 Ever wanted more realistic depth to pregnancy? By default, the game comes with very little to make pregnancy special. So I've created over 15+ different Moodlets that can occur during appropriate & realistic pregnancy trimesters. Things included but were Not Limited to: Special Pregnancy Moodlets for Teens and Sim's who Hate kids

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Realistic Childbirth Mod Mar 17, 2022 03.28 Update: go here to downloaded the latest version: 03.20 Update: Fixed an issue that caused the dilation and epidural to not work if the player is in the doctor career.

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Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods Below, you will find a mix of pregnancy mods that cover everything from stretch marks to realistic deliveries. 1. Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Mod (WooHoo Wellness) by Lumpinou This mod is the one to beat when it comes to sims 4 pregnancy mods.

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The below download contains the following mods / files: - M0: REQUIRED Core Library - M1: Pregnancy & Family Preferences / Reactions / Impact - M2: Fertility & Protection - M3: WooHoo Transmitted Diseases - M4: Paternity Testing & Drama - M5: Teen Pregnancy & Gameplay - M6: Temporary Separations / Relationship Breaks

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The Sims 4's Pregnancy Letterboard is an excellent mod that adds a black felt letterboard with white letters that say things like "We're having a baby!" The board is highly customizable, letting you choose the text that's displayed on it.

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The Best Preganancy Mods in The Sims 4 Home Lists The Sims 4: Every Essential Pregnancy Mod You'll Need For Your Family Gameplay By Anastasia Maillot Updated Apr 12, 2023 Pregnancy.

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In The Sims 4, there are (currently) only 2 ways for a Sim to get pregnant. One is during alien abductions, and another is through a special Woohoo option that shows up when your Sim has a high enough relationship with their partner.