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While other people have toured as Doink, Osborne was the first to grease up his face and enter the ring with the circus music blaring. He was fired by the WWE for repeat drug offenses in 1996.

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twitter. WWE is saddened by the news that Matt Osborne, aka the original Doink the Clown, has passed away. A rugged brawler in promotions like Mid-South Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling, Osborne made a major impact in WWE under the greasepaint of a prankster named Doink — one of the most enduring personas of the early '90s.

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Author: Bobby Mathews January 10, 2023. Doink the Clown found fame in early 1990s WWE, but there was, unfortunately, trouble along the way for Matt Borne, the man behind the paint. The legacy of Matt Borne, who played the role of the first Doink the Clown in the WWF, is a little complicated.

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We take a look back at the wrestling career of the innovative and terrifying Doink The Clown, famously played by Matt Borne.JOIN US and hit SUBSCRIBE!https:/.

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Best remembered as Doink The Clown, Borne's substance abuse issues would be his undoing. The final hours of his life remain mysterious, and credit must go to VICE for presenting both sides of the.

Doink the Clown Doink the clown, Wwf, Wwe

Matt Osborne. Osborne in 1999. Matthew Wade Osborne [1] (July 27, 1957 - June 28, 2013), known professionally as Matt Borne, was an American professional wrestler. Osborne was a second generation wrestler, the son of Tony Borne, [9] and is best known as being the first wrestler to portray the character of Doink the Clown. [1] [10] [11]

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a.k.a. Doink The Clown a.k.a. Boink The Clown a.k.a. Borne Again a.k.a. Reborne Again Great Mustapha Matt Borne Sgt. Kruger. Roles: Singles Wrestler Tag Team Wrestler Booker (1996 - 1998) Referee Trainer Backstage Helper. Beginning of in-ring career: 05.12.1978. End of in-ring career: 2013.

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The beginnings of the Doink the Clown character were slow and subtle. Rather than appear in preview vignettes or debuting in the ring, this was a character fans first saw among the crowd watching WWE events. From that position, he pranked fans before building up to playing tricks on babyface wrestlers as well. That run came to an end when Crush.

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related galleriesview all +. Check out photos of WWE's merry prankster, Doink the Clown.

Doink the Clown Doink the clown, Wwf, Pro wrestler

Doink the Clown is a professional wrestling persona originally and most popularly portrayed by Matt Osborne, who debuted the Doink persona in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1992. Doink is a clown (or evil clown) wearing traditional clown makeup (or a mask decorated to resemble such) and brightly colored clothes.

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Doink the Clown Career Highlights. World Wrestling Federation - Evil Doink (Played by Matt Borne): January 1993: Doink The Clown began showing up at TV events mengling with the fans and playing evil pranks. January 11, 1993 - RAW: Doink the Clown was shown messing with fans in the crowd and being mean to them.

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9 Two Man Fan Club. According to Matt Borne, the original Doink, the character wasn't very popular. The other wrestlers thought it was silly and would make jokes about the character. Only Matt Borne and Vince McMahon believed in the idea. This is surprising considering the killer clown gimmick had been done on the big screen with Stephen King's.

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Posted by Greg Oliver | Jun 28, 2013. "Maniac" Matt Borne, the second-generation star who funnelled his own personal issues into the twisted Doink the Clown character in the WWF, has died. He was 56 years old. He was apparently found dead this morning by his girlfriend in their Plano, Texas home. Matt Wade Osborne, who was born July 27.

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Doink the Clown is a gimmick used by several wrestlers since the 1990s. The Doink character originally wrestled in the World Wrestling Federation and now can be found occasionally on the independent wrestling circuit in the United States. The Doink wrestling persona is that of a circus clown. He wrestles in a clown costume, complete with face paint, makeup, and bright green hair. His.

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When Doink first burst upon the WWE scene, his jokes were more malicious. He would squirt children with trick flowers and delight in making little tykes cry. The evil clown astonished WWE viewers by attacking opponents with prosthetic clown limbs. The gleam in his eyes and his grin could not hide the twisted monster that lurked behind the clown.

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A shot from the Survivor Series event in 1993. Former WWE manager Oscar opened up about donning the "Doink the Clown" avatar for a memorable match at Survivor Series 1993. The seventh edition of.