Genshin Impact Fontaine map leaks show new landscapes and explorable areas

Complete Fontaine map for Genshin Impact Underwater and surface locations

r/Genshin_Impact • 3 mo. ago Katsumicchi Fontaine 4.1 border map Guides & Tips I made another map for people who are struggling with exploration progress and borders. If someone wants a map for Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma or Sumeru desert I can do it too 😁 Hope it helps! 1.1K 44 Share Sort by: Add a Comment Theguywhowatches

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Where is Fontaine Located in Genshin Impact 4.0? Fontaine is located on the North of Sumeru Desert just beside and above the latest Desert region that was announced in Genshin Impact 3.7. As for the ways to get to Fontaine, one way would be to travel through the desert, reach Fontaine, and use the cruise ship to get to the city.

Leaked Fontaine map from Genshin Impact and location screenshots Aroged

Traveler, You Have an Invitation From Fontaine. Freely explore a massive open world

Genshin Impact Fontaine (Hydro region) leaks New characters, map

The newest region of Fontaine is available for everyone with the Genshin Impact 4.0 update. Players got access to the surface of the Hydro nations and the vast area that covers the.

Genshin Impact leak reveals Fontaine and Mondstadt characters

Fontaine Shrine of Depths locations is a list of shrine locations in Genshin Impact 4.3. Includes shrine of depth keys, map, respawn, interactive map, & East Fontaine! Shrine Of Depths Location for Version 4.2 (East Of Fontaine) Updated!

Genshin Impact Así luce la vista de mapa de Fontaine tras haberse

01:58 Watch 01:58 It's Time to Relax. On 'Coral Island' - The Loop Overview Culture History Gallery This article is about the nation. For the city, see Court of Fontaine. For the soundtrack, see Fontaine (Soundtrack). Fontaine In-Game Emblem view image World Map Teyvat Archon Quest Chapter IV Asso­ci­at­ed El­e­ment Hydro Info Grammar Archon

Genshin Impact Leak Fontaine Map Expansion

Hydroculus is Fontaine Oculi in Genshin Impact 4.3. See interactive map, all 216 Hydroculus Locations, how to get and count, map, max statue level, & total number of Hydroculus!

Genshin Impact 4.0 Fontaine Map Everything You Need to Know Beebom

This Genshin Impact Fontaine guide will point you towards every key location, quest, local specialty, and boss fight found in the Nation of Justice. advertisement The Fontaine region was.

Genshin Impact Fontaine map leaks show new landscapes and explorable areas

There are 216 Hydroculus found in Fontaine for Genshin Impact. They are collectible items used to level up the Statue of the Seven. See all Hydroculus locations with our interactive map and how to get them here! List of Contents Interactive Map Surface Hydroculus Underwater Hydroculus How to Use Resonance Stone Gadget Related Guides

Genshin Impact Leaks Show Emilie as a New Fontaine Character

Genshin Impact's Fontaine region has concluded its Archoin Quest and the major story. But as we have seen in previous regions, players are still exploring the region and waiting to find all the secrets within. One of the most sought-after things in the game is the secret achievements, Some come in the form of a hidden quest, while others can.

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Published Oct 30, 2023 A recent Genshin Impact leak reveals that Fontaine will expand into a new region in version 4.6, which will allegedly release in early 2024. Highlights Fontaine, one.

Complete Fontaine map for Genshin Impact Underwater and surface locations

Genshin Impacts 4.4 version is going to be a big update featuring a completely new area linking Fontaine and Liyue — Chenyu Vale. The new area will also feature many of the level-up materials for Xianyun, the 5-star character releasing with the 4.4 update.The new area will also have a new world boss, tons of Primogems, and much more. Chenyu Vale Leaks: Mt. Lingmeng Above and Below

Insiders told about the route to the Hydro region and the Fontaine map

Maps How to Get to Fontaine By Cedric Pabriga , Triforce , Jen Rothery , +26 more updated Aug 16, 2023 Fontaine, the Nation of Justice, is probably high on your list of regions to visit in.

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All Fontaine leaks in Genshin Impact Based on the official Genshin roadmap, Fontaine will arrive in the Version 4.0 update and will be the next major landmark expansion. If everything.

Genshin Impact Leaks Show the Full Map of Teyvat With Fontaine

Genshin Impact 4.8 temporary map might be based on Fontaine The temporary map tied to a nation's last Genshin Impact update usually includes a filler story related to in-game characters.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Region Guide Genshin Impact Guide IGN

Fontaine is the fifth map region ruled by the Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact. See its Interactive Map, how to get there, its puzzles, regional features, characters, quests, and all known info about it here! List of Contents Interactive Map How to Get Places of Interest Unique Features Regional Features Release Date Related Guides