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(Bio about drama below) Hello Everyone, I will have many different types of Asian Dramas here. They will be in my home page and my playlists page. Have a gre.

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Gu Nan Zhou's mother 30 Episodes. Cheng Zi. Sun Jiawen 30 Episodes. Ren Jie. Su You Xia's mother. Full Cast & Crew. Last Season. Season 1 2021 • 30 Episodes Season 1 of Hello Mr. Gu premiered on March 30, 2021. Episode 30 (1x30, April 13, 2021) Season Finale. View All Seasons. Social. Reviews 0; Discussions 0; We don't have any reviews for.

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Hello Mr. Gu. 9.1. TV-PG 2021 30 Episodes. Chinese Mainland Romance Youth Marriage Mandarin. Reserve.

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Chinese Drama 2021 Hello Mr. Gu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) Hello Mr Gu poster. Genre: Youth, CEO, Idol Drama, Fake Marriage, Co-habitation Release Date: 30 March 2021 Origin: China Cdrama: 30 Episodes Network: WeTv Cast Chen Jing Ke as Gu Nan Zhou Yan Zhi Chao as Zhou Jian Xing Guo Yun Qi as Zhou Zi Xuan Zhu Dan Ni as Su You Xia

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Hello Mr. Gu 2021 (China) 🕒 Mar 30, 2021. Hello Mr. Gu 2021 (China), also known as So You Are Mr Gu, Yuánlái Nǐ Shì Zhèyàng De Gù Xiānshēng, Yuan Lai Ni Shi Zhe Yang De Gu Xian Sheng is China drama premiere on Mar 30, 2021.

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Watch Hello Mr. Gu EP13: Hello Mr. Gu online with subtitles in English. Introduction: The hero, a CEO with contrast personality and the heroine, a princess in trouble, are unhappy to see each other. They have different characteristics and life experiences, but have to nake a deal on contractual marriage by accident. The false couple begins to "shack up".

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A lighthearted love story, "Hello Mr. Gu" is a 2021 romantic comedy drama directed by Tian Shao Bo. The daughter of a wealthy family, Zhou Jian Qing (Yan Zhi Chao) was raised like a princess. Never wanting for anything, Jian Qing has lived her entire life with the world at her feet.

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Watch the latest C-Drama, Chinese Drama Hello Mr. Gu Episode 1 online with English subtitle for free on iQIYI | iQ.com.

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04月01日首播,每周四五六晚20点更新两集 主演: 陈靖可、严智超、郭耘奇、朱丹妮 、丁嘉文、钟伟伦☞立即观看全集☞https://bit.ly/3lSfdTu《原来你是这样的顾先生》一面是反差萌CEO,一面是落难公主,个性截然不同、生活经历也天差地别的男女主角互看不爽,且不得不因为一次意外达成"契约婚姻".

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Hello Mr. Gu is 20643 on the JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts today. The TV show has moved up the charts by 12678 places since yesterday. In the United States, it is currently more popular than The Kominsky Method but less popular than Deadliest Catch. Track show. S1 Seen. Like .

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11 3.4K views 2 years ago #HelloMrGu #CDrama #WeTVmy Watch [Hello Mr. Gu] on WeTV with multiple subtitles. Stream via WeTV app or website!.more.more Watch [Hello Mr. Gu] on WeTV.

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Watch Hello Mr. Gu EP1: Hello Mr. Gu online with subtitles in English. Introduction: Gu Yan is a cold and efficient business elite, while Xia Ruohuan is a little princess from the royal family. The two personalities are completely different. They accidentally signed a contract marriage and were forced to start living together.

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Native Title: 原来你是这样的顾先生 Also Known As: So You Are Mr Gu , Yuánlái Nǐ Shì Zhèyàng De Gù Xiānshēng , Yuan Lai Ni Shi Zhe Yang De Gu Xian Sheng , 原來你是這樣的顧先生 Director: Tian Shao Bo Screenwriter: Hu Hui Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Hello Mr. Gu Review The Usual Romance Drama Trope

Hello Mr. Gu (原来你是这样的顾先生) is a typical romance drama that is meant to be simple and fluffy. While I'm not against simple romantic stories, they really need to have something extra or unique to convince me that they are worth the time. This is because there are too many of this kind of productions and after a while, they tend to become repetitive.

Hello Mr. Gu (character poster) ในปี 2021

For suckers of cliché, you might get hook to this drama. This is a debut series of the FL but she carried her character so well. ML has a great appeal on screen, prolly that made me giddy all the time. Hahaha! Chemistry is palpable, plot line has no dramatic conflicts, so so 2nd couple, and too fluffy not to get giddy.

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Hello Mr. Gu | Trailer | When a down and out heiress meets a proud man! | 原来你是这样的顾先生 | ENG SUB - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC ️ Watch more episodes on WeTV app at ☞☛ http://bit.ly/2Y8EIlX.