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Ping Pong The Animation - Opening - Tadahitori Crunchyroll Dubs 3.88M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 4.5K Share 433K views 9 years ago.more.more New episodes simulcasting Thursdays,.

[Fanart][OC] Ping Pong the Animation cast r/anime

Played by: Shido Nakamura Kaio's team captain and star player. Kazama is a dedicated and intimidating athlete who values winning above all else. His skill and power tend to overwhelm even high level opponents. Kazama attempts to recruit Smile to the Kaio team upon noticing his potential. Manabu Sakuma/"Demon" (佐久間 学/アクマ, Sakuma Manabu/Akuma)

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1 Top-rated S1.E1 ∙ The Wind Makes It Too Hard to Hear Thu, Apr 10, 2014 Two old friends go to spy on a new table tennis champ at a rival high school, but meanwhile their own team is falling apart. 7.9/10 (180) Rate Watch options Top-rated S1.E2 ∙ Smile's a Robot Thu, Apr 17, 2014

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PING PONG THE ANIMATION Available on Funimation, Prime Video, iTunes, Crunchyroll Makoto Tsukimoto (nicknamed Smile) is a quiet high-schooler who's been friends with the loud and energetic Yukata Hoshino (nicknamed Peco) since childhood.

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Ping Pong the Animation Edit Watch Episodes Add to My List Add to Favorites Alternative Titles Synonyms: PPTA Japanese: ピンポン THE ANIMATION More titles Information Type: TV Episodes: 11 Status: Source: Favorites: Available At Resources AniDB More links Streaming Platforms Crunchyroll Funimation Details Characters & Staff Episodes Videos Stats

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Ping Pong THE ANIMATION Tsukimoto Makoto (nicknamed Smile) is a quiet high-schooler who's been friends with the loud and energetic Hoshino Yukata (nicknamed Peko). They're both in the table tennis club and are very good at it, though Smile's personality prevents him from winning against Peko.

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Ping Pong the Animation Sub | Dub Average Rating: 4.8 (1.1k) 59 Reviews Add To Watchlist Add to Crunchylist Makoto Tsukimoto (nicknamed Smile) is a quiet high-schooler who's been friends with.

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0:00 / 1:45 Ping Pong: The Animation - Trailer All the Anime 40.2K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 64K views 7 years ago Being released as a Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD set on 11th.

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Ping Pong The Animation aired on Noitamina for 11 episodes, from April 11, 2014, to June 20, 2014. Just like the manga, and live action movie before it, it was a critical success, taking home the animation of the year award in the 2015 Tokyo Anime Award Festival. In April 2014, Funimation announced it would be streaming the anime in western.

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Ping Pong the Animation 4.8 (1.1k) E1 - The Sound of the Wind is in the Way Sub | Dub Released on Dec 24, 2022 94 6 Spring. The Hatase High school gymnasium. Table tennis club adviser Koizumi.

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Official Title: en verified Ping Pong the Animation: Official Title: ja ピンポン THE ANIMATION: Type: TV Series, 11 episodes Year: 11.04.2014 until 20.06.2014: Season: Spring 2014: Tags: angst A feeling of general discomfort and uneasiness is present due to either trivial or more serious reasons, often accompanied by depression. Warning: may contain copious amounts of brooding and sighing.

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Ping Pong the Animation (2014) directed by Takehiro Kubota, Hideki Ito et al • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd Ping Pong the Animation 2014 'ピンポン THE ANIMATION' Directed by Takehiro Kubota, Hideki Ito. Enter the hero! Enter the hero! Enter the hero!

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A series about table tennis with enough intensity that could rival some shonen anime, Ping Pong the Animation is yet another sports anime that is imbued with slice-of-life themes. The duality.

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Overview. Makoto "Smile" Tsukimoto and his friend Yutaka "Peco" Hoshino have been playing table tennis together since they were kids, but as they enter high school, they find that the game, and how they see it, has changed. Peco, brimming with confidence and energy, wants to be the best in the world, but the reserved Smile has little fighting.

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Ping Pong the Animation TV-14 2014 • Action/Adventure, Psychological • dub, sub • 1 Season Childhood friends Peco and smile are both talented members of a table tennis club—what will happen when they have to face off? Start Watching Episodes & Movies Extras Details Season 1 Filter/Sort sorted by Sequential Date Added filter by language