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Making Money From Blogging – Is It Scam Or True?

Making Money From Blogging - Is It Scam Or True

Freelancing is becoming popular all over the world as an independent or free profession. Bangladesh is also in this hype. According to a survey, Bangladesh ranks second in the world in the freelancing sector. Every day many new young people of the country are joining the freelancing profession. So, there are countless types of ways of this freelancing! I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of blogging in the first place when it comes to freelancing! Blogging is just the beginning when it comes to earning money from freelancing or working online. Because making money from blogging is one of the most popular and easy ways of freelancing.

What is blogging? The origin of the word blogging is from the blog. Basically writing on a blog site or writing a post is called blogging! Many people now making money from blogging and becoming millionaires. But many newcomers have questions or doubts about it! Are these really true? Is it really possible to earn a lot of money by blogging? Let’s find out the answer.

Is It Really Possible To Making Money From Blogging?

Yes, possible. One hundred percent is possible! At present, not only in other countries but also in Bangladesh, many people are earning by blogging. Many people have been successful in choosing blogging as a smart career. However, the success of any work in the world does not come overnight. Behind every success, there is a lot of hard work, effort, and patience. Even if you want to be successful by blogging, you have to work hard, be patient.

However, it is true that blogging is easier than other sectors of freelancing. To start blogging as a career, you first need to be proficient in writing. There is no specific topic for blogging. You can start writing on the subject that you understand well, the subject that you can do well. Then all you need is a nicely arranged blog site. You can start writing or blogging by creating a blog site.

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Now you have created a blog site, and started blogging; But how to earn? There are many ways to make money from blogging. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ways to earn money by blogging.

Ways To Earn Money By Blogging:

  • Google AdSense:

AdSense and AdMob are Google’s advertising activities. Google Advertisers use the Google AdWords service to advertise their products, services, websites, and anything else. And Google publishes them through publishers (YouTube, websites, and mobile apps). Google shares the money Google receives in the form of cost-per-click (CPC) advertising. People in many countries of the world including Bangladesh make a living only through this Google advertisement. Some of them may be YouTubers, some may be the owners of websites, some may be the owners of mobile apps. Advertisements are mainly published on YouTube and websites through the AdSense service. And through AdMob service in the mobile app. Now if you have a blog site, you can earn a lot of money by publishing Google ads through AdSense.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is another popular source of income online! You can also earn a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing through your own blog site. In affiliate marketing you have to give someone else’s product direct or direct sale, the marketplace gives you a commission on the sale. The most popular affiliate program in the world is Amazon Associate. You can earn affiliate sales on your blog site by selling any product in Amazon Marketplace! In addition, there are several other marketplace affiliate programs, including Alibaba. Review blogging is an easy way to sell affiliate products. This means that you can bring a good amount of sales by writing beautiful reviews of the product on your blog. And the more cells, the higher your income.

  • Local Ads:

Local ads are another easy way to make money from your blog site. If your blog has Bangla content and the site has a lot of Bangladeshi traffic, then you can earn money by showing ads of local emerging companies on your blog site. In this case, you have to go to those companies and deal directly. You can get a fixed amount of money by putting their banner on your blog site or by writing a review post of their company, highlighting their company on your blog in any way!

  • Facebook Instant Article: 

Facebook has a feature for blog sites called ‘Facebook Instant Article‘. Blog sites or news portals can earn money directly from Facebook through this feature. With this feature, Facebook shows ads on your site’s posts. Your income from instant articles will depend on how much Facebook traffic your site has. Many blog sites or news portals earn millions of rupees a month from instant articles.

  • Sponsor Post:

When your blog site becomes very popular, you can also post sponsored posts on your site in exchange for money. In other words, you will promote other people’s blogs, companies, services, or products through blog posts. In return, you will have a good amount of income.

These are just some popular ways to make money from blogging. There are other ways to earn money by blogging. When you start blogging, you will gradually know everything. To get more posts about blogging, stay connected with DailyWorldTech.



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