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How to remove background in illustrator with 3 methods?

remove background in illustrator


Today we will discuss how to remove background in illustrator. Adobe illustrator is one of the most choices of all creative people for working with vector graphics. Adobe illustrator is one of the most popular vector graphics editors and design programs developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. This is for creating by vector graphics, sketches, drawings, and artwork. Adobe illustrator cc 2021 is the latest version of the illustrator family. The software lets you instantly add the ultimate touch to the creation and integrates well with other Adobe products.

You can remove all categories of image background using deference techniques depending on the image complexity. Now we will start the main subject of this tutorial, how to remove background in illustrator using very easy and simple three methods.

Method-1: How to remove background in illustrator using the clipping mask

The simple way is how to remove background in illustrator is with clipping masks. What’s this? These objects have hidden other images, so what is within the range can only be seen. It’s like seeing a template you can clip this vector around and inside. Your clipping mask will be a vector, but you can also regularly mask old JPEG and other file types.

To remove the image background, you must be creating an outline around the part of any image that you want to preserve.

  • Creating an outline of the selected image using the zoom tools. If the image seems simple. You can use the magic wand tools to remove the background.
  • Then select the pen tool and use this for creating outlines part of the image as much as you want to keep.
  • Select the picture and outline you have just created. Then click the right button of your mouse so that you can see the menu. Then select the clipping mask options. The background will be removed just like magic.

Method-2: How to remove bg in this software using image trace

While you are using Adobe Illustrator software, probably you want to be working with vector graphics. Vectorize images are drawn by computer logic. Adobe illustrators can easily be working from the background. Especially this software is very good at removing white backgrounds.

This technique works best with only a few colors of pictures.

  • Select the image that you want and that it places on the artboard. If the image seems very large. The illustrator will ask you to resize it and simply do it for you.
  • Click on the image trace options. Under mode, click a color. Then you set the color 20 or above. Clicks trace option to scan the image and create an outline that can convert vector objects.
  • Now Click the Expend option and the image trace will convert a pixel-based image into vector-based objects. You should see an outline around all colors in the image. You can select all outlines with select tools.
  • Ungroup the vector object in the image to be able to select all individually. Select the image with the select tool. Then click on the object in the menu. Now click ungroup.
  • Select the background that you don’t want one by one and press delete. Hold down the shift key while clicking all of them. To remove all the ones you’ve clicked one by one press the delete button.

Method-3: How to remove the background in this software using Select features

You need to get rid of the background manually because the image with many colors in the background. This is a simple way of removing the background. Using this tool will allow illustrator for many works.

  • At first, you trace the image. And expend the image and it will be divided into different colors.
  • Then choose a color that wants to delete. Select them and press delete will get rid of all of them.
  • Carry on the same technique for different colors and one by one you get rid of all of them and their similarities.

I hope you enjoy these tutorials! You can understand how to remove background in illustrator and perfectly you can do it.

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