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Top 6 IT Skills To work in 2021

Top 6 IT Skills To work in 2021

In the fourteenth there was such an industrial revolution; Now the technology revolution is going on. So naturally, the workplace has changed. Artificial intelligence is taking the place of humans in a lot of work. So, if you don’t have IT skills in this age of technology, you will lag far behind others in any endeavor. If you want to keep pace with the times and work in a good sector – in a good position, you must have IT skills. So, in today’s post, we will discuss the top 6 IT skills to build a bright career. If you become proficient in any of these, you will no longer be unemployed in 2021! Let’s get started then!

Top 6 IT Skills To work in 2021:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

AI and machine learning are very popular skills for now! Because AI has now entered almost all workplaces around the world; If this goes on for a while, it will be seen that people don’t seem to be doing any more work, all the work is being done by AI. So it is very important to focus on AI and machine learning now! According to the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs report, the recruitment rate for Artificial Intelligence Specialists has increased by 64% this year. According to another study, the recruitment of machine learning engineers has increased by 344% in 2015-2018! The average annual income in this sector is about 100-150K $! Understand the situation then! Artificial intelligence or machine learning can be your next best career sector!

The journey of cloud computing originally began with the idea of ​​making many computers work together in a single network. Nowadays, especially in 2021, the popularity of cloud computing is at its peak. Many big companies are shifting from traditional servers to cloud servers, many hosting companies have started offering cloud hosting services; Apart from this, cloud computing is also used in AI and machine learning. So if you can develop this skill, I hope you will get a 6 digit job by 2022!

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  • Cyber Security:

All business sectors have already been digitized. These will continue to be developed in the coming days! But like offline, online also needs security for everything! Because, if a business website worth millions of dollars falls into the hands of hackers, you can go bankrupt from a millionaire in just 5 minutes! That is why special emphasis is being given on cybersecurity in all online businesses! As a result, an important workplace created! According to the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs report, the recruitment rate for cybersecurity specialists has increased by 30% last year! So if you develop cybersecurity skills, you will definitely not have to be unemployed in 2021!

  • AR and VR:

The use of augmented and virtual reality is becoming more and more popular in industries like entertainment, education, health, manufacturing, advertising, etc. According to Statista’s report, the market size of augmented and virtual reality will be 215 billion dollars by 2021! The rate of hiring software engineers has also increased dramatically! So, if you want, you can eat this hotcake of the IT sector for 2021!

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  • Full-Stack Development:

Web development is not a new skill. Those who can do both front-end and back-end development are called full-stack developers! However, even if the skill is old, the demand for full-stack developers does not seem to decrease in the next 100 years! Because there are currently more than 1 billion sites in the world, this number is growing every day; New businesses are being launched online! And all that is on the web is the sum of some web pages and websites, which are created by the developers. So, web developers are needed to develop new sites that are launched every day! So as long as the website is not being stopped, the demand for full-stack developers is not decreasing! As a result, if you learn full-stack development, there is no question of you being unemployed in 2021!

  • Blockchain:

The journey of blockchain technology began in 2008 with the discovery of BitCoin by someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, the popularity of blockchain is increasing day by day, but not decreasing! Hundreds of cryptocurrencies have already been launched in the market based on blockchain and they are working well! According to Hired’s information, the annual income of a blockchain engineer is more than 150K $! So, blockchain technology can also be the golden egg-laying hen for your IT base career!

That’s all for today’s post! These were our Top 6 IT Skills To Work IN 2021. Keep an eye on DailyWorldTech to get more posts like this!

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