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What is the domain and hosting of the website? Why do we need these?

What is the domain and hosting of the website? Why do we need these?

Those who come to work online, especially those who want to create their own website, must have heard the words domain and hosting from time to time! But many people may not know what these are, what happens to them, how they happen! Our today’s article is basically about these! In today’s post we will try to simply explain- what is the domain and hosting of the website, why these are required, how do these work; all the details! Let’s get started then!

What is the domain and hosting of the website:


Basically, the web address or URL of a website is called a domain name. For example, when you visit Facebook, you must have noticed that you have to enter an address in the browser. This is the address of Facebook. Similarly, is the address of our site. is the address of another site. Here,, are domain names, where the .com part is basically domain suffix. There are several other domain suffixes such as .net, .info .gov, etc. Even .tech in our domain is also a popular suffix. And m is the subdomain in address. Web addresses on the Internet are known as URLs (URLs – Uniform Resource Locator). Simply put, a domain name is the name or address of a website.

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Why domains are needed?

Each website has an IP address (it can be shared). An IP address is a lot like a phone number. For example, is an IP address. If you enter this number exactly in the address bar of the browser, you will be taken to our Daily World Tech website. Thus it is very difficult to remember different IP addresses for different sites. It’s easier to remember the DailyWorld.Tech address than to remember the site’s IP address. It can also be found by searching on Google. This is why domain names are used. A standard .com domain is currently priced at around- 10$-12$. A domain is a prerequisite for the existence of a website, which must be registered with an international regulatory body. It costs 10-12 dollars to register. There are many local and foreign register companies for buying domains!


Once the domain is purchased then you need a hosting service for the site. Because the site needs a space to store posts, pictures, videos, etc. The software needed to run the site must be installed somewhere, right? Hosting is the place where all the files on your site are stored. It’s a lot like a computer hard disk or phone memory! Just as they store all the data on your computer or phone, so do all the data on your site on the hosting! In this case, the hosting companies use huge cupboard-sized servers to save the data of the site, where there are millions and billions of data saved! Various local and foreign companies provide hosting services for the site.

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How to choose the best domain and hosting for your site?

To choose the best domain, you must first look at the topic of your site, that is, what content will be published on the site! If your site represents a business, then .com, .net suffixes are suitable for your site. Again, if you want to create a corporate site for a company, you can use .info. Again, if your site is a non-profit organization, you can use .org! In addition, there are many suffixes with shortcodes of specific countries. E.g., .bd, .us, .uk, .ca, .in. If your site is for a specific country and not worldwide, you can select such a suffix! In general, you have to choose a domain that matches best to your site!

Now come to hosting. In order to choose the hosting, you need to have an idea about the size of your site. How big is your business, company, or organization, how many visitors can come in it every day, how many files and contents will be on the site, everything you need to buy your hosting! If your company is small then buy less space hosting in the beginning. And if it is much bigger then you have to buy more space hosting! And it is better to buy shared hosting at the very beginning! For large sites, however, VPS or a dedicated server must be purchased. The recent trend in hosting is Cloud hosting. You can go for it too.

Best Site To Purchase Domain & Hosting:

  • EBNHost [BD Company | Good For Both Domain & Hosting]
  • NameCheap [Popular Foreign Company | Best For Both Domai & Hosting]
  • Porkbun [Popular International Domain Registrar Company; Specialized For Domain]

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