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Why Having An Own Website Is So Important?

Why Having An Own Website Is So Important?

So far we have posted a lot about freelancing or online money making. All works that done online, everything is done through websites. The entire online world is spineless without a website. There are now more than one billion websites on the internet. This number is increasing day by day. [Even our DailyWorldTech is a blog website!] With the advent of the digital revolution in 2021, it has become very important to Having An Own Website. We will look for the answer to the question of why it is important in today’s post.

Why Having An Own Website Is Important?

Suppose you have a business of any kind. It is in a location that is known only in that area or in one or two nearby areas. But nowadays, in the age of technology, wherever you are, almost everyone is connected online. Now it can be on social media like Facebook or if you need something to search on Google. As a result, if any data of your business or any data of your product is online, any online user will be able to know about your product online and if necessary he can also buy the product online! And the website is where this information will be arranged. Every business must have its own website now.

Because no matter what business or job you do now if you want to generate a good amount of income, you need to increase the connection more and more. And the best way to increase this connection is to inform you or your business online. Because nowadays if someone wants to communicate or do business with someone, they immediately search online.

Suppose you own a restaurant. If anyone in your city wants to know which is the best restaurant in the city, they may go to Google and search: best restaurant in Sylhet / best restaurant in Cumilla.

Now if your restaurant does not have a website, that customer will not know anything about your restaurant and you will lose a customer of your restaurant because he does not know about this. If the restaurant has a website, the customer will find it in the search results and will be able to eat there or order food online. That way, not just one person, you’ll lose countless customers every day.

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Now the era is changing, the era of the digital revolution is going on. At this point, if you do not keep pace with the new era, you will not be able to survive in business or work at all. And in just 10 to 15 years, people around the world may be on vacation for creative work. Artificial intelligence will take over people’s workplaces. In such a situation, if you do not adapt yourself to digitalization, you will drop out of the market and go bankrupt. Let’s look at two examples:

Kodak was once a very famous camera company. But despite the advent of digital cameras, this analog camera company has not adopted them. The result was that billion dollars company were lost from the market!

The next one is known to everyone – Nokia Mobile Company. Nokia remained in its traditional system even after the advent of the Android operating system. At last, this once popular cellular mobile company had to sell its ownership. Now, of course, Nokia Android operating system smartphone is back in the new ownership!

Anyway, let’s take a look at the benefits of having your own website.

Advantages of having your own website:

  • It is easy to expand your business or any organization & Reach more people with a website.
  • Sales of business products can be multiplied through e-commerce websites.
  • You can stay ahead of others in business competition by having an own website.
  • Profits can be generated in multiple ways, even through your own business, through the website.

Profit Generation Methods:

I think everyone got the answer that- Why Having An Own Website Is So Important! No more today. To Get More Posts About Website, Keep Eyes On DailyWorldTech.

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