Online Word Counter

Online Word Counter Tool

Online Word Counter tool is fast and no action to use online count tools for counting words, sentences, characters, paragraphs, read time and readability scores. And an extra feature is the keywords finder in the content overall. You get started by typing directly into the textarea field and no need to click for action. This is a very important tools for word counting and reading time. And also use this counter to tracking this readability score.

This online tool can also calculate the total word character, paragraph and sentence count. Word count is an important element for content writing, blog publishing, advertising content calculate. By using this tool you will get how many words there write you. And you will make sure that how much content are ready for you want. Also can help this tool get to check character your text contain for use on blog media, social media, website branding content.

Why Use Word Counter ?

In the whole world, users use the word counter for their daily working purpose. Like as you write content or article for your blog or client. So when you need must count your writing content. This time needed tools for word count, sentence count, read time and find keywords

.If you are making or manage social media content by the proper limits content. You should use the counter tool and get exact label of words and character for any platform. Each platform uses their own character limit for this particular part. Here are pointing some platform with their require task content limit.

  • Twitter – we know that twitter is bigg social media website in the world and most famous also. They are recommended upto 280 characters limits.
  • Linkedin – linkedin is another popular website it’s headline text is limited to 120 character.
  • Facebook – facebook is most popular social media website. There share your content big amount no more than 63,206 character for every post.
  • Google Meta – Google search engine meta description suggest character 300 and word is upto 60 words.

So if you want to use these tools easily. And here show a widget keyword like bellow the photo:

Word Counter

How to Use & Get Character Count Tool?

Word count tool is easy to use and can you get instant results. It will very displayed tools and attractive interface. Just now you open your docs file or pdf and Microsoft word file and copy the all text from here. Then paste the tools field area and show all result here. Unlike most another word counter tools, our word counter tools is extended tools. It has no set any limit to the amount of text you wish to count.

At first search on Google by word counter tool keyword. Then come on some result of word counter tools. Or specific search in the search bar by and open the tools here. That has 4 layer and words value, characters value, sentence value and paragraphs value. Besides, that has a sidebar and there have reading time value and readability score with keywords.

Limitation of Words Counter

Words limitation here is unlimited and put the content all together paste in textarea field. You will find the all information about words or letter unlimited. This tool no limitation calculate the content operation. And first of all not showing any ads in the tools layout page. For this reason you have no any boring situation for counting words. I think it is great opportunity for any user.

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